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TEAM Level 5 – General overview

General overview

Location: Any familiar location, such as the house, yard or regular training area.  All exercises off leash.

Equipment: Retrieve object, high jump, broad jump, cones (x4).

Optional: Target/platform/box, distraction bowl.

Cues: Cues may be verbal and/or signal unless specified differently in the described exercise.

Reinforcement: Two external reinforcers (food or toy), including one distraction reinforcer — handler may use external reinforcers to reward the dog’s behavior for up to two exercises. The reinforcer may NOT be kept on the handler’s body and must be located within the video testing area. In exercises where a visible distraction is required, then the distraction, when given to the dog, IS counted as one of the external reinforcers. The reinforcer MUST be the same food or toy that is used in any distraction work. One reinforcer = one food reward OR ball toss/toy play up to 10 seconds. Reinforcement may only be given in between exercises.

Maximum video length: 9 minutes

Sample video:

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Note:  Final exercise judged as questionable as handler did not wait the required pause times between throwing and taking the retrieve item on the retrieve over jump portion.

Additional Samples of Level 5 Passing Videos

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Exercise 5-1: Heelwork

Heelwork in a triangle pattern.
Using four cones, the team will demonstrate a heeling pattern that includes normal, slow and face pace, a halt, two small circles and a send around a cone.
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Exercise 5-2: Directed Sends

Directed send around three cones.
Three cones are set up in a line.  The dog is directed to circle each one in turn, returning directly to the handler after each repetition.
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Exercise 5-3: Position Changes & Jump

Broad jump with position changes, a distraction and return to handler.
After being positioned in front of a distraction, the dog will demonstrate two position changes, a send over a broad jump, circle a cone (optional) and return directly to handler.
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Exercise 5-4: Moving Stand, send around cone

Moving stand, stand for exam, send around cone and return to handler.
After executing a moving stand, the handler will examine his/her dog, leave the dog again, and cue a reverse go-around a cone so the dog returns to the handler.
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Exercise 5-5: Send to target, drop, heelwork

Send to a target at 35 ft. (10.6 m), return to moving heel, moving drop, circle left, pick up dog, heel to next exercise.
After being sent to target, the dog will hold a stay while the handler returns and circles the dog.  Team then heels forward, dog drops on cue, handler returns to the dog and team proceeds to the next exercise.
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Exercise 5-6: Retrieves (on flat & over jump)

Retrieve on the ground and retrieve over high/bar jump with formal presentation.
After cueing a retrieve on the ground, ending with a formal retrieve presentation, the team will perform a retrieve over the high/bar jump with a formal retrieve presentation.
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